Ideas for Converting Nature into Your Personal Gym

February 16, 2018

Hot Ideas for Converting Nature into Your Personal Gym

For some, daily gym visits can grow old fast. Luckily, working out doesn’t need to be a bore. Not in sunny southern California.

Rediscover your passion for physical exercise by trading hours in the fitness center for quality time outdoors. We call it converting nature into your personal gym.

What could be better than vital doses of vitamin D and fresh air?

Lace up Your Hiking Boots

Hiking is easy to get into at any fitness level. You can start out with walks around the neighborhood and work up to more challenging hikes nearby.

Hit the internet for ideas on where to find the hiking trails handy to you. Read reviews from other hikers to get the full picture before heading out on a new trail.

Trail Running

Pick up a pair of trail running specific shoes before you sprint off into the woods.

Trail runners are lighter with a less bulky sole than hiking boots or road running trainers. They allow you to feel the surface below your feet and get a grip on uneven terrain.

Jogging on the Shore

Take your workout to your favorite locale, the beach. Running on the sand engages new muscles in your lower legs making it a challenge for even experienced road runners.

For a great workout, mix it up a little and partake in some sand sprinting.  Simply sprint, jog, walk and repeat.

Set yourself realistic goals for each category and increase your sprinting time while decreasing walking time as your sessions progress.

Paddle Board

A fun activity that will have you joyfully leaping out of bed on a weekend morning!

Out on the water and focusing on the challenges of staying upright – you will hardly notice how many calories you’re burning through.

Paddleboarding uses the same muscles as surfing, making it a fantastic full body workout.

Powering up in the Park

Throw your jump rope and a suspension trainer into your bag and you have a mobile gym. Head to your favorite scenic spot and set up for an inspirational workout.

The humble jump rope does wonders for coordination and there’s a good reason it’s the go-to cardio warm-up for many strenuous activities. If your rope skills are a little rusty, browse the net to view a cornucopia of tutorials.

A suspension trainer is a fully adjustable gym made up of a few cords and cradles or grips for your feet and hands. This multipurpose piece of equipment is the perfect way to incorporate calorie blasting circuit training into your outdoor activities.

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