Healthy Coastal Living

April 28, 2016

5 ways living in San Clemente improves your health.

For centuries, living by the ocean has supported some of the healthiest populations on the planet. From Mediterranean diets to ancient saltwater baths, the coast has provided myriad health benefits—and we’re only beginning to fully understand just how beneficial living by the ocean can be for our mental and physical health.

Let’s take a look at five ways that coastal living will do wonders for your mind, body and perspective.

A natural mood-booster.
Let’s get a little science-y for a second. Sea air is full of healthy little negative hydrogen ions, which are charged particles that improve our body’s ability to absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels. The warm sun also offers a pick-me-up by triggering your body to release endorphins. Sea Summit’s elevated location ensures that you’ll always soak up those sunshine rays and breathe in the coastal breeze (and health benefits). And how do endorphins help your daily life? Lower stress levels, to start. You’re also more alert and energized, but also more relaxed—lulling you to a better night’s sleep at the end of the day.

Much better than a chewable vitamin.
Once you step out into the sun, your body begins to churn out some serious vitamin D. This means lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, stronger bones and immune system, reduced risk of diseases, and increased compliments on the natural highlights in your hair. Just 10 minutes in the sun and you’ll start reaping the benefits, so a short jog to the Summit Club, a mountain bike ride along the habitat trails, or a quick walk to the weekly farmers’ market will do wonders for your health.

Wave goodbye to the bad stuff.
Don’t just dip your toes in—jump right in and you’ll cleanse your body of harmful toxins. The ocean’s saltwater contains vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and microorganisms, all of which have powerful antibiotic and antibacterial qualities. Splash in the waves and you’ll be ridding your body of toxins by strengthening your immune system (and having a blast while you’re at it). The heart-pumping action will also help—well, your heart. Go surfing, swimming, anything that gets your blood moving, and you’ll help to stave off arthritis and psoriasis by working out your heart, arteries and veins. The trails at Sea Summit lead down to the shore, so it’s one less barrier to reaping the health benefits.

A lifetime supply of salt scrubs.
Exfoliating scrubs? Facials? Oil cleansers? That was so before beachside living. Just head down to the waves—the sand acts as a natural exfoliate for your skin, so playing in the sand feels like a full-body scrub. Splash some ocean water on your face, and the super-fine sand will cleanse your pores (and wake you up faster than a double espresso). The ocean salt (sodium chloride, if you want to get science-y again) also helps with skin acne, heals wounds, and removes excess oils—hence the dry hair and skin once you dry off. So instead of hopping in your car and going to some fancy day spa, just walk down the Sea Summit trails and jump in the ocean—it’s much healthier than all those chemical peels, and way more fun.

Solar-powered workouts.
Miles of trails, grassy parks, robust recreation center—and that’s just at the site of Sea Summit. And 100 ft. below, the ocean is one of the best ways to burn off some energy (and calories). Yep, the coast is the encouraging and positive personal trainer that we all want (and need). It’s hard to turn down a bike ride along the boardwalk or a trail hike when it’s a gorgeous day out—which is in the forecast about, oh, 360 days out of the year. And the best part? You won’t even feel like you’re working out. But if you do want some high intensity cardio, just try running on the sand—it’s way harder than it sounds, trust us.


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