Winter Style

January 12, 2016

Winter Fashion, San Clemente Style

OK, so this is going to make all east-coasters laugh, but Southern California DOES have a winter. We know, we know—it’s not even close to shoveling snow, but every once in a while, we bundle up too. And when it’s cold out, we reach way back in our closets and don extra layers, slip into some comfy (and fashionable) boots, and enjoy a cool evening on the town.

It’s also the perfect time to make your home cozy. Because we don’t have cold winter nights often, it’s fun to bundle up and embrace it. Let’s look at a few ways you can stay warm with our winter fashion tips for living in San Clemente.

Layer on the Look

Southern California winter fashion, like its people, tends to be a little more laid back. We like natural earth tones, bright pops of color, comfy free-flowing fabrics, and nature-inspired accessories.

To capture that style, we recommend Melrose in the OC for fashionable winter clothing. Located right in the heart of downtown San Clemente on Avenida Del Mar, this cute boutique has a great selection of jackets, sweaters, cozy cardigans, and much more—with price tags you won’t be afraid to peek at. And while you’re there, you could always pick up a few new beach outfits. We both know winter doesn’t last long here.

And if you’re loyal to a few name brands, head over to The Outlets at San Clemente. With over 40 stores and dining spots, you’ll score some sweet deals on the latest winter fashion trends from your favorite stores. It’s just minutes away from Sea Summit, which is definitely convenient—and delightfully dangerous.

The Sweet Smell of Winter

Winter fashion doesn’t just apply to clothing. You can also welcome the seasonal change inside your home by picking up some fresh winter flowers at the Farmers’ Market. They’ll bring any living space to life with beautiful colors and sweet aroma.  Flowers with deep, rich blues and creamy whites exemplify coastal winter style, but you can’t go wrong with bright and bold colors if your home already has that coastal color scheme. Get some inspiration from these winter flower arrangements, then walk over to the market from Sea Summit.

All Wrapped Up

There’s nothing like slipping into brand new bed sheets and a thick blanket when it’s cold outside. Crack open the window a little, let the coastal breeze in, and snuggle into these comfy flannel sheets. These pearl-white sheets complement any bedroom décor, and the heavy flannel material makes them the perfect choice for those chilly evenings. We also love keeping a super soft throw blanket like this around the home. Its ivory color adds a bright and fresh appeal to any coastal living space, and it’s perfect for cozy movie nights (along with wine and popcorn, of course).

Winter fashion is as easy as a visit to the local boutiques or weekly Farmers’ Market. Just keep it simple and natural with layered organic materials, fresh flowers, and cozy sheets.