Surf’s Up – San Clemente Surfing Guide

July 12, 2018

Sea Summit at Marblehead attracts the sort of surfers who believe you should play as hard as you work. Whether you’re after waves that are fast & hollow or slow and crumbling off the reef, surfing in San Clemente has got you covered.

When the surf’s up, the beaches from San Clemente Pier to San Onofre State park can compete with any stretch of coastline in southern California. Wax your board, grab your baggies and go.

San Clemente’s Hottest Waves

San Clemente offers a full spectrum of breaks, from beginner to advanced all the way to expert only.

  1. San Clemente Pier: An iconic wave that’s also perfect for learners. In the summer months you’ll have to get up early as the beach is black balled from 9am-6am due to the abundance of swimmers.
  2. T-Street: Another prime location that’s closed to daytime surfing in the summer. Don’t let the restrictions deter you, wake up early and hit this impressive point break. The main peak breaks over a reef far offshore, turning out a sensational right and occasionally an equally spectacular left.
  3. Trestles: Idyllic point break waves for miles. You’ve heard the name from Beach Boys lore and this is the spot to sit back and watch the pros if you’re not quite there yet. Not a great beach for learners but the stuff surfing dreams are made of. And the long walk to the beach means no crowds and no black balling.
  4. San Onofre and Trails: The word is definitely out about ‘San-O” and what is not to love? If you’re an early rising longboarder, then this is your Shangri-la. Beat the crowds and drive right onto the beach at dawn. This stretch provides surfers with long outside right and left waves that break slowly over a cobblestone reef.

Picking up a New Hobby

Never surfed before but would love to give it a go as part of your new coastal lifestyle? Here are 5 surf schools worth checking out:

Surf Grub & More

A full day of riding the waves sure does work up your appetite. Luckily San Clemente is home to a number of fabulous post surf bars & restaurants.

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