5 Things You Didn’t Know about the San Clemente Pier

March 5, 2018

The San Clemente Pier is an area icon and one of the most popular beachside destinations in all of Orange County. But there’s a lot more to the famed man-made jetty than being a fantastic spot to watch the sunset drop into the Pacific Ocean.

Here are five interesting things to ponder the next time you’re enjoying a fresh seafood lunch at The Fisherman’s Restaurant.

Pier Version 3.0

Plunk a line into the sea to become a part of the San Clemente Pier’s glorious fishing history. Just be aware that today’s pier isn’t the original.

The first pier was constructed in 1928 and then repaired in 1939 following a heavy storm. Where you’ve got your tackle box sitting now is the third version, built in 1985. For good measure, the newest pier was extended an additional 96 feet from its original length to 1,296 in total.

Look Out for Blowholes

The San Clemente Pier is an excellent spot for whale watching when the pods migrate up and down the California coast.

Ride the Trolley

A fun way to get to the pier and explore the area during the summer months is to ride the trolley. Service runs from late May through early September. Park at the outlets to do some shopping and relax on the trolley all the way to the pier.

A View from Above

It can be difficult to grasp the enormity of the pier from ground level. To get the best bird’s eye view in town, head to the gardens of Casa Romantica cultural center and gain a whole new perspective.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop at Sunset

While sunset is perhaps the most popular time to visit the pier, many people don’t know that the pier stays open until midnight.

Make plans for a nighttime walk to the end of the pier and you’ll be treated to romantic views and a sea of stars.

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