New Tricks to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

May 10, 2017

One of the best parts of owning a new home at Sea Summit is filling it with the things you love, your furniture and accessories, and your family and furry friends. When decorating your home, take some steps to make sure it’s comfortable and safe for your four-legged friends, too.

Select the Right Flooring

Hard surfaces are best for homes with dogs because of easy clean up. The Sea Summit Design Studio offers you lots of choices in flooring including hardwoods and tile. Ceramic tile is particularly dog-friendly because they love to lounge in belly flop pose on the cool tile floors. For areas where you need carpeting, such as bedrooms, use low-pile. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you go with a lighter shade, it’s easier to see stains before they set.

Cozy Snuggle Spots
Dogs like to have a safe, cozy space of their own. Place your dog’s bed in a spot where he or she will feel safe but can see you so they don’t feel excluded from the pack. It may take some training to get your pooch to understand that the couch is your spot and the dog bed is theirs. Be persistent and patient with your dog. Have “doggy spots” in each of the rooms where you spend the most time. Washable rugs in dark colors make good spots and can be thrown in the washer.


Dogs love to get on the furniture, with or without your permission. Upholster with dog-friendly fabrics without sacrificing style. Protect your upholstery with Scotchguard, slipcovers or even blanket throws.

Leather is a great choice for it’s odor resistance, tendency to not attract hair and easy wipe-down properties. Ultrasuede and microfiber fabrics are also a durable choice. Note: These upholsteries are dog-friendly but cats will tear them to shreds.

Outdoor fabrics are a great way to go. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of colors and prints. They will fit right in at Sea Summit as the homes are designed to have a fresh indoor-outdoor feeling.

Doggy Towels in the Drop Zone

Hang up a designated dog paw towel with the leash near whatever door you use to leave for your walks. This makes pooch paw wipe-downs easy and routine after outings on Sea Summit’s nature trails, parks and nearby beaches.

Keep Out for Safety
Like toddlers, dogs can get into areas they shouldn’t. Properly screen or cover the fireplaces in the courtyard, family room and outdoor room or solarium. Keep toxic materials and medications up high or in secure cabinets.

Dog Friendly Landscaping The backyards and home courtyards at Sea Summit make beautiful backdrops for plants. Whether you’re putting in a garden out back or growing flowers in planters in the sunroom, patio or courtyard, carefully select pet-safe plants. Some very common plants, including aloe and tomatoes, can be hazardous to your dog.

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