Coffee on the Veranda — Making Great Coffee at Home

July 10, 2017

Coffee is the new wine. Developing your coffee palate and your home barista skills means getting up to speed on modern java culture. Stay hip to these hot tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a nouveau coffee connoisseur.

Source Quality Beans

Purchasing top-notch coffee these days is easier than ever – but here’s a hint, you won’t find it at the supermarket.

Sign up with a specialty coffee delivery service like Blue Bottle or Stumptown for regular shipments of exquisite beans available in a wide variety of roasts, origins and flavors.

Better yet, discover boutique local roasters for an even fresher brew:

No Coffee Pods In Sight

A true aficionado doesn’t rely on one style of brew for every occasion. Ditch the pods and K-Cups, and add a few of these brewing techniques to your repertoire.

There’s nothing wrong with letting the machine do the work. Here are three machines we recommend that add style to your kitchen while producing a fantastic cup of coffee:

Enjoy an elevated coffee experience in the luxe comfort of home at Sea Summit.

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