Hot Ideas for Planning a Chic Holiday Dinner Party

December 1, 2018

Hosting a fun dinner party is a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends and show off your new San Clemente, CA luxury home. And with the holiday season rolling around, there’s no better time to do it.
Here are six fail-proof tips to ensure your holiday get together is the one everyone is talking about.

Roll out a Chocolate Fountain

You’ve seen them at weddings, so why can’t your guests enjoy a gooey chocolate treat at your place? A hot chocolate bar is fun and deliciously unique. It’s also a great addition for non-drinkers during the cocktail portion of the evening. You know the time…it starts at the hour indicated on the invitation and ends when everyone sits down to eat.

Get a Jump Start with Early Invitations

Nothing kills a holiday party faster than late planning and “sorry, I can’t make it” RSVPs.
December is a month where everyone’s social calendar is stretched to the limit. Set a firm date early and get your invitations out ASAP to ensure guests pencil your event in before someone else’s.

Wacky Gift Exchange

A classic White Elephant gift exchange never goes out of style and is always good for a hearty laugh. Announce a price limit that’s appropriate for your guest list and decide well in advance what your White Elephant rules will be. Some people think it’s fun to have the option of “stealing” gifts and others don’t. Think about your friends and make the decision accordingly.

Get Crafty

Take a bit of a U-turn from the traditional formal affair and surprise guests with a post-dinner crafting activity. Popular ideas include wreath-making and decorating cookies or cupcakes.
Leave the Corkscrew in the Drawer

Wine is clearly the traditional winner when it comes to holiday dinner pairings – so why not be bold and serve special seasonal holiday beers from around the world instead?

The Best $50 You’ll Ever Spend

Holiday parties with children are a lot of fun and it’s great to share the joy of the season with your little ones – but it’s hard to enjoy adult time if you and your guests are chasing kids around all night. Hire a sitter for the evening and put them in charge of entertainment. From board games to popular holiday movies or building gingerbread houses, be sure to arm your sitter with everything they need to keep the party going in the other room.

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