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March 19, 2017

Bring the sunny Southern California lifestyle vibe into your new home at Sea Summit and you’ll have the perfect complement to the ocean views and fresh sea breezes. These décor tips reflect that SoCal laid back California lifestyle.

Pay homage to the coastal lifestyle by choosing pieces that reflect the natural colors, textures and lines of Southern California.

Natural Accents

Get creative with native plants as well as shells, sea grass, driftwood, beach glass and other natural found or bought objects. Accent the décor with whimsical sea stars on a table or by potted plants. This clamshell planter recreates the feeling of a tidepool. Infuse an island motif with colorful throw pillows.

Beachy Colors

Use the colors of nature throughout the house. A warm teal can work just about anywhere including walls, floors or wood furniture. Add cheery yellow accents to offset the teal. Use sea grass green items here and there, like these vintage glass bottles. Get more ideas by seeing which coastal colors are favored by professional designers.

Textured Furniture

Make any room feel like a seaside vacation with furniture made with natural materials like wicker, driftwood and rope. Wicker works beautifully in chairs, coffee tables and beds. Driftwood can be twisted and uneven for a rough feel, give tables a natural appeal or refined into smooth but dusky pieces. Rope is another material that can be used creatively, from baskets to lamps.

Outdoor Living

In Southern California, outdoor living spaces hold as much significance as interiors. Sleek and modern to brightly casual  to cozy, there are plenty of looks and styles. Like interiors, natural accents, textured furniture and beachy colors create inviting spaces for the coastal lifestyle.

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