A Cooking Class is a Delicious Idea

April 6, 2017

No need to travel all the way to Southern Italy or the Culinary Institute of America to take a cooking course. If you are looking to expand your menu, learn some new cooking skills, or simply have fun day cooking with friends, there are tasty cooking class options nearby. Here’s why you should feed your inner chef.

  1. It’s fun to learn new things.
    Like sitting down at a family meal, cooking classes let you interact with others. You get to meet new people and spark new friendships.
  2. Try new dishes.
    A cooking class can challenge you to try new foods and techniques you might be missing out on.
  3. You can spice things up with a cooking date night.
    Add a little flavor to your usual routine by turning a cooking class into a couple’s night out.
  4. Get more out of your incredible Sea Summit kitchen.
    New recipes mean more great reasons to truly appreciate all a Sea Summit kitchen offers.
  5. You’ll be inspired to entertain more.
    Show off your new skills and recipes by entertaining friends. Get them in on the action and make cooking, and eating at home, an exciting adventure to share.
  6. From exotic to comfort, take your pick.
    Have fun exploring your class options including popular styles like Cajun, Southern, Chinese, Barbecue, Thai, Gourmet and Le Cordon Bleu.
  7. No cleanup required.
    This is your chance to dirty as many dishes and utensils as you want, savor a delicious dish, and then just walk away—no cleanup!

Sound appetizing? Check out some local cooking classes in South Orange County at Antoine’s in San Clemente and Tspoons in San Juan Capistrano.

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