Ocean Living: Put Together the Ultimate Beach Bag

June 3, 2017

Access to world-class beaches is a big part of San Clemente’s famous allure. Locals know that with some proper planning for a beach bag with a few key essentials, every beach day will be a good one.

Use this easy-to-follow guide to make sure everything you need for fun in the sun gets tossed in the beach bag BEFORE your head down to the sand.

A Big Bag Is Better

The perfect beach bag offers room to spare. Pick up a large, over-the-shoulder tote or backpack and make it your dedicated beach bag. A bag with a zipper and at least one internal pocket for keeping track of the keys or cash is best. Keep your beach bag stocked with these items and you will be ready to go when the ocean calls.

The Bare Necessities

Don’t leave home without these items or risk cutting your beach day short:

Add in a Few Creature Comforts

Here are a few more add-on items to consider adding to the list.

Bigger is better when it comes to beach towels. Go with one large enough to double as a blanket. If you don’t like sand on your towel, opt for a woven straw beach mat to sit on. They roll up nicely and are lightweight. For beach goers who prefer a chair, choose one with backpack straps for easy transport.

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